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On the Move to Jackson, MS

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

You might think that traveling to Mississippi to provide audio visual for a conference is a lot of work, but remember, we went to Dallas the previous year for another conference. In fact, we traveled through Mississippi to get to Dallas. Being it so that this was our third year providing production services for this client, we were very familiar with the process of how they conduct their general session and breakouts from day to day. One interesting twist that was added this year was a fishbowl for the opening plenary. A fishbowl consists of a centerstage with panelists surrounded by attendees on all sides. Lights are dimmed with a wash on the stage to create a theatre style dramatic effect. To even further makes things a little more challenging, one of the speakers couldn’t make it, so, we then had to improvise and set up a live stream utilizing Zoom with an external projector and screen. Not only was it a pleasure serving our client for another year, but the opportunity to visit the historic city of Jackson, Mississippi was also very enlightening.

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