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Audio Visual

Sound Reinforcement


One of the components to audio visual is sound reinforcement. Rayne brings an extremely high level of expertise to live sound reinforcement and integration. Whether your sound reinforcement requirements are for meetings, breakout sessions, live entertainment, or large conventions, Rayne has the technology and the expertise and capacity to provide a solution.


All live sound equipment and platforms are not created equal. Rayne has made substantial investments in premium microphones, speakers, mixing consoles and other sound 

platforms to insure that the quality of audio

we provide is immaculate. Rayne's sound engineers have several years of experience and have worked on major concerts and events around the US.  They understand the science behind implementing sound and know how to troubleshoot any sound obstacles that may arise during sound check. 


Visual communication technology is crucial when it comes to delivering your message. Whether the visual communication needs of your organization require IMAG, streaming, video playback or recording, Rayne has the technology and expertise to deliver results. All of our monitors are 4k resolution and we stock only full 1080P projectors. Our 3.91ml LED video walls can be scaled to practically any size and deliver stunning quality from as little as 3 feet away.​ When you're in the planning process for your annual conference,



meeting, gala or reception, Rayne will work with you to determine what solutions will work best for your circumstance. We have long and short throw lenses for video and projection to accommodate tight spaces. Our LED walls are the perfect solution for presenting backstage graphics or when space is at a premium. We have assembled discounted audio visual packages to accommodate our clients' most common production needs.

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