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Conference Room Flip

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Repurposing space is becoming increasingly popular with organizations for holding functions and meetings. It's not a new concept, i.e. house parties. One just has to have the vision to see what a space can become. That's where Rayne came in for the third year in a row of working with FINRA for their annual open house. After our first two years of providing primarily lounge furniture, pipe and drape and ambient lighting, we were now being contracted to include audio visual as well. During the three day open house, the conference room, or "Chill Lounge", is used as a speak easy for attendees to relax and unwind while listening to live music. Rayne provided sound reinforcement and stage lighting for the band. To give the space a slightly different look and feel from previous years, we made alterations to the lighting concept and changed out some lounge furniture selections. This year we went with amber, blue and purple and added gobo breakout patterns to the ceiling. Spending three full days there this year, tending to audio, we got the opportunity to experience just how entertaining the "Chill Lounge" is.

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