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Conference Road Trip to Dallas

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

So what do you do when one of your local Washingto, DC clients ask you to provide audio visual for a conference 1000 miles away in Dallas Texas? You take a deep breath, make some phone calls and you tell them, “let’s go!”. That’s exactly what we did before loading up the truck and heading to Dallas for a five day 700 attendee annual conference at the Sheraton downtown. The difference between doing an event out of town as opposed to home is, if you forget something, you can’t simply just run back to the warehouse to retrieve it. This took a precise effort by the Rayne Events planning and production team to make sure everything went as planned. Not only were we tasked with providing audio visual for the plenary and breakout sessions, but we also provided pipe and drape for the stage and expo vendors, and furniture for the stage and charging lounge. A few months prior to the conference we went down to meet with the hotel liaison and the on site audio visual company to go over policies and procedures and view the rooms that our clients would be utilizing. We also worked with the local union to assist with load in and load out. The conference turned out to be a great success and our client was extremely happy. An added extra was the opportunity to drive through and see major cities during the two day journey there and back. We are certainly looking forward to the next road trip.

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