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Non-Profit Holiday Fundraiser at Dock 5 Union Market

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Whether corporate or non-profit, the holiday season brings out some of the most fabulous events and venues. For the third year straight, Unity Healthcare reached out to Rayne Events to assist with their annual holiday fundraiser. Previously at Eastern Market, 2018 brought us back to one of our favorite venues in Dock 5 Union Market. For lighting, we hung movers, LED fixtures, and gobos. We also painted the walls and columns with uplighting. A large LED Wall display and acrylic LED stage set the focal point of the room. Along with LED Wall, two 80" LED Screens were used for the call to give, video presentations and video DJ'ing. The lounge furniture seating arrangements consisted of "Unity" spelled out with benches and ottomans. Our acrylic bars, dj booth and podium were branded with corporate sponsors. This was by far one of our most fulfilling events.

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