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KIPPRom 2019 at Dock 5 Union Market

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Unlike our social clients, our corporate event clients tend to book us year after year. One of the challenges for us concerning our annual clients is that we always want to out perform ourselves each year regardless of the budget. 2019 was our third year working with Kipp DC for the annual KIPProm, their largest yearly fundraiser. One again, it was held at Dock5 @ Union market. This year we incorporated an LED video wall for the dinner which was a tremendous enhancement from previous years. They were able to better highlight the accomplishments of their students and the impact that their donors make in the lives of KIPP students. We also suspended lighting from an overhead truss which allowed us to light the event space from one central location. Finally, we replaced some of the static gobos with moving lights to create a better visual effect. The reviews this year were higher and now we have to figure out how to step it up for 2020.

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