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Join the RACE! Relief for Association Conferences and Events

Updated: May 1, 2020

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Worried about conference attendance moving forward? We have a solution too good to be true. For a limited time, Rayne Event Tech and Lounge is offering a full turn-key audio visual package price based on your attendance.

$65 Per Attendee!

What's included?

General Session:

  • 24 Channel Digital Audio Mixer

  • Acrylic Podium

  • Podium Mic

  • 6 Wireless Handheld/ Lavalier Mics(Interchangeable)

  • Sound system based on conference room size and attendees

  • Up to 100ft wide x 20ft high Black Pipe and Drape

  • 2 x (16ft x 9ft) rear projection screens with drape kit....(12ft x 7ft) screen for groups less than 400

  • 2 10k full HD Projectors

  • 2 x 55” Confidence Monitors

  • Video Switcher

  • 100ft Range Wireless Presenter

  • 4k Video Camera for IMag and Video Streaming(Streaming included to one external source)

  • Stage Lighting w/ ground support

  • 3 x Laptops w/ Office Suite

  • All video, audio and lighting data and power cables

  • Up to 6 Stage Chairs from our inventory of Lounge Furniture

  • Up to 4 Side Tables from our inventory of Lounge Furniture

  • 1 Audio Engineer

  • 1 Video Tech

  • 1 Stage Hand

Breakouts(1 per 75 attendees):

  • 1 Breakout per 75 attendees

  • 1 AV Tech per three breakouts

  • 1 Laptop w/ Office Suite

  • 4000 Lumen Projector with HDMI connection,

  • Front Projection Tripod Screen

  • Audio Mixer

  • Wired connection for Laptop Audio

  • Sound to accommodate room size and number of attendees

  • Podium Mic

  • Up to 4 Panelists Mics

  • Wireless Presenter


  • Price includes set up and strike of all AV equipment provided by Rayne Event Tech.

  • 3.5 conference day max

  • Video services include a still shot only.

  • Client is responsible for hotel rooms and meals. One Double or Queen Bed per Technical Staff. Meals may be included with conference meals or at GSA per diem.

  • 18 hour right of entry is required for all conference space. Less time may result in possible overtime or double-time hours charged.

  • Regular time capped at 10hrs(9hrs + 1hr lunch) per day per Tech. Any additional time will be billed at time and half with 4 hour minimum.

  • Minimum 300 Attendees.

  • 50% deposit to secure services. Balance due upon completion of set up.


  • What if we need additional services?

Rayne Event Tech is a full service production company and offers a multitude of services. Any additional rentals will be discounted 25% and charged as a one day rental. For inquiries go to our Contact Us page.

  • What is the cost for additional Breakouts?

Each additional breakout is $600 plus labor.

  • What if our conference is out of town?

Rayne Has serviced conferences in Dallas, Chicago, Mississippi, New Orleans, Orlando, Indiana and Miami

  • How do you provide services for out of town conferences?

We load the truck and hit the open road. We may be able to haul your equipment as well.

  • How can we insure that the level of service will be to our expectations?

Rayne Has a long track record of providing quality audio visual production services for conferences and events. Rayne was built on the strength of relationships. We are more than happy to pass along references.

  • What does 3.5 conference days amount to?

Most of our conferences have 3 full days of plenaries and breakouts with either an opening or closing event.

  • What if our conference is longer than the 3.5 days?

Up to 4.5 days, there will be no additional charges for equipment. Labor will be charged accordingly for the extra time.

  • How do you verify the number of attendees?

The number of attendees is based on the count for general session

For additional questions or to inquire about contracting Rayne Event Tech for your conference or event, please go to our Contact Us page.

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